It's 'Bleisure' Time! | 5 Advantages Of A Self-Drive Car On A Business Trip

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that the struggle is real. Taking your business places involves a lot of travelling, undoubtedly. You are constantly on the move, visiting a new city almost on a weekly basis. It’s not surprising, then, that the essence of travel is lost gradually, more if you are dependent on an unreliable mode of commute.

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Enter self-drive car rental, a mode of commute that offers you unbelievable convenience, comfort and control over your journey. It offers you a vastly different travel experience compared to trains, buses, or local modes of transport. Why? Let’s take a look:

1. You can take control of your journey

Doesn’t it get frustrating when you’re stuck in a bus on a long journey and would like to make a stop, but it’s not in your hands? You can change all that when you’re driving a car of your own. It not only gives you comfort (and not teetering at the edge of your torn seat) but lets you plan your journey according to your desires.

2. No dependence on taxis, cabs or public transport

Booking a cab, again and again, can get quite cumbersome, not to mention a waste of precious time. Moreover, commuting with the unfamiliar local transport of a new city is a painful hassle, not to mention possible language barriers and routes. Imagine having a car at your disposal every time with a state-of-the-art navigation system.

3. You get lots of privacy

Nothing is more bothersome than having a lack of privacy on the road, especially if you have to bring your family along, or are working on some important work. A drive in your favorite car gives you all the time and space to do as you like without the risk of being eavesdropped upon.

4. You can make a great impression

When you realize that you’ll be hitting the road in the car you’ve always wanted to drive, you always look forward to the trip in a positive way. Be it an SUV or a swanky Mercedes, you can leave your clients amazed with your ride, and earn brownie points along with lots of confidence going into an important meeting.

5. You can turn a boring business trip into a ‘bleisure trip

Admit it, you’ve always had a moment during your business trip when you wish you could just forget work for a while and explore the city. In all probability, you might have tried it as well, but relying on others to take you on a sightseeing tour turned it into an exasperating and time-consuming experience. With a car in your hands, you can put on your explorer’s hat and take in the sights that the city has to offer in your after-hours.


The good news is that hiring a Myles self-drive car has become a lot easier and hassle-free. You now have the option of not paying a security deposit at all! Instead, you can avail the Loss Damage Waiver starting at ₹100, which provides you insurance against accidental damages, document loss, roadside assistance, and third-party damage implications.

So, next time, make the most of your business trip and the road as well!

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