Going Home with Myles: Stay Connected with your Heritage by visiting your Hometown

Home is where the heart is, and many Indians have to leave their home to move to other cities for studies, business, or to pursue their career. But their hearts are placed where their family is- their home towns or villages.

A visit to your hometown is a well-deserved break that you need. It not only brings your fast-paced life to a halt but keeps you connected to your roots, to your heritage. With Myles’s self-drive car, go home and enjoy the quaint and rustic lifestyle that it offers.

Trip Down the Memory Lane

This Heritage Day, take a road trip to your native place is what you need to experience how peaceful it is over your noisy city. You can relieve every memory during the road trip, halt at the sweet shop you used to visit with your grandparents and get your favorite food items. Explore all the places you used to visit and feel the warmth of love, childhood, and home.

Already Feeling Nostalgic!

While you enter the lanes of your hometown or village, your thoughts are already engrossed with memories. As you pass by your school, you realize the time that was all about fun, innocence, and Mummy ki dant. Stop by your school and engage in activities you love to do during your childhood, such as play football with kids at the local ground, swing on a tire wheel, climb by the tree), eat ice gola or cotton candy, etc.

Relish the Local Delicacies

Nothing beats the local food of your hometown or village. The street food hits different- the rustic and authentic taste, homemade masalas, and delicacies offer a breeze of memories. If you want to devour something healthy, then picking fresh fruits from trees by yourself is a great idea. And the best part of your trip home is relishing homemade food made by your mother, aunt, or grandmother.

Exploring your Hometown like a Tourist

While exploring your hometown like a tourist with your partner Myles, you feel more connected to your roots. Even if you have come a long way, you must not forget your ground- the place you started from. Visiting your hometown is a good break and rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul. Myles’s self-drive car rental helps you during your voyage and won’t let you miss any part of your place.

Visit the Heritage Sites

Well, no trip is complete without visiting the heritage sites of that town or village. Even if your town has that old well or a lake where you used to swim during summer, an ancient temple, or an old dargah, visiting these places calms you and makes you feel the warmth of home. Spend time around these places and enjoy the thoughts of thousands of memories.

Rest. Relax. Digital Detox. Revive

Going home with Myles is not just another weekend trip. It is an experience that you relive. The trip is more than a break or a fun getaway. It is the opportunity to rest, relax, and revive. Also, if your hometown is located in a rural region, you can use it as a break from social media and phones. With Myles, it is easy to navigate places and find yourself the right way that makes you reach your destiny.

Make it Special with Myles!

You can travel any day to your hometown or village by bus or train. But a road trip helps you to make many more new memories. A personal car is always better- you can stop anywhere, click pictures with beautiful backgrounds, explore your town lane by lane, visit faraway places, travel with family, take them for a picnic, and most importantly, Myles is safe and convenient and inexpensive.

Book your Myles ride, and set the voyage to your hometown to stay connected with your culture and roots.

Go Home this Heritage Day!

Go Home with Myles!

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