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Types of Drivers You’ll See on Indian Roads – Funny Memes 2019

Types of Drivers On Indian Roads

The variety of drivers you’ll see on Indian roads is amazing. Whether you are a driver or a daily cab commuter, this list of types of drivers will seem quite relatable to you. Read further to find which category do you fall under? Or how many other people you can think of and put them under one category or another.



The Angry Bird

The most common and frequently seen driver type on the Indian roads is the Angry Bird 🙂These are the drivers who get angry at the slightest provocation and can spoil your mood early morning. Now the problem with these guys is that you can not figure out whether you are the reason for their anger or is it something personal that they dealt with before stepping out of the house. Guess they need to practice meditation more often!! 😀


The Abuser

Being abusive is something that comes naturally to drivers 😛 (pun intended). Again, slightest provocation from fellow drivers and boom, the monster just wakes up. Because, patience while driving is not everyone’s strongest suit. This is the main reason, why we hear or read about road rage stories every day. Breath people! Count to 10, before you start howling abuses at someone. Like they say ‘A moment of patience in a moment of anger can help us avoid a thousand moments of regret’.


The Lane Changer

Okay Okay, everyone is in a hurry and need to reach somewhere or the other in time, but hello, that doesn’t mean you can change lanes in real life like you are playing a video game. All good drivers might know this already that changing lanes often should be avoided as much as possible. It will save you from accidents and mishaps. Hurry not, drive safe!


The Racer


Whooooooo!! Easy buddy, easy. Youngblood, what else to say. This generally happens either when you just want to show off your driving skills or the person in front of you just rubbed you the wrong way by moving too slow and not listening to the honking.


The I-Am-So-Fun


This one, we like! 😀 A chilled out driver, who moves at a normal pace and literally enjoy driving. No traffic jam and no honking, affect this one. Because he is cool. Hey, but be careful, don’t take your hands off the steering wheel!


The Always-Look-Good-While-You-Drive

We humans by nature like to check ourselves out every now and then. Even if we spot a tiny mirror, we will not leave without looking at ourselves in it. And the first thing we generally do when we sit in the car is to adjust the mirrors. Need we say more?….nah!


The Calm Soul


This is another one we like. The Saint, who doesn’t get angry or frustrated by driving on Indian roads. Seems like they have attained nirvana or something. Like nothing ain’t gonna piss them off!


The Parking Champ


This one is the ultimate driver. The one who can park even in the tiniest of places. Seems like a stunt man often times and a rather good one. Hats off!


The One With The Swag

This one is like Harvey Specter from ‘Suits’, who drives fancy cars all suited booted. Their swag makes everyone on the road go Whoa! What a look…


The Oh-I-Just-Forgot-Where-The-Breaks-Are


Sometimes, you just go out of control. Remember to not be in such a hurry that you forget how to drive.


The Ever-Ready-To-Fight

Hot-headed, like they say. These you will find many on the Indian roads. Lack of patience and sensitivity towards others are the main reasons why this type of drivers are often spotted on Indian roads. C’mon people, take a chill pill!


The Conscious

This is a cute one. Awwwwww! They are the ones who are a little shy and avoid being how fun they are in front of others.


The I-Ain’t-Letting-You-Overtake


Oh, the egotistical! You think you can drive past me, nah, it ain’t happening today.


The One Who Always Uses The Phone While Driving


This is a dangerous one. Not only are they least worried about themselves, they just don’t care if their actions would hurt others. Because, helloo! Checking the phone is way more important than human life (pun intended).


The One Who Loves To Honk

Honking is like playing a piano to this one. They honk for fun and don’t care about the noise pollution they spread. With every honk, they pressurize the driver in front of them to move ahead even when they know there is no space in the front to move. To hell with logic!!


The One Who Checks Out Women While Driving


‘The car will drive itself, let me first check the girl out’ – This is exactly what this type lives by. Because where else will they get to see a woman after all (pun intended).


The Poor Frustrated One Stuck in Traffic


If you happen to travel in metro cities, then getting stuck in traffic jams is a common thing, so you can’t blame these guys much.


The Snail

Come what may, they will not speed up. They swear by the mantra ‘Being slow means being safe!!’.


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