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Plug Mobility is India’s first EV Mobility (as a service) platform for businesses introduced by Carzonrent. It is an initiative to promote sustainability, reduce carbon footprints, and lead the car rental industry to transition to an electric fleet. Plug Mobility enables 4W shared mobility for corporates, SMEs, hotels, airlines, airports and Government departments/ public sector enterprises in India.

Electric Car is the future of the automobile industry. Its innovation helps us drive into a better tomorrow. Plug Mobility is the platform that offers electric mobility to its customers to switch to sustainable and clean travel solutions. To serve better to our clients, car models such as Tigor EV & E Verito (Intermediate), BYD-M3 (Van-Economy), and MG-ZS & BYD E6 (Van- Premium) are the fleet options available at Plug Mobility.

Plug Mobility is a step taken by Carzonrent to enter into the era of sustainable and clean mobility solutions for a better future. We pledge to lead the car rental industry to transition to an electric fleet. To start with, Plug Mobility is now available in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Noida. We are expanding our services and building a seamless infrastructure for the smooth running of EV transportation services.

Plug Mobility offers different corporate packages, depending on their requirement, car model, and km run.

Corporate Tariff Card:

Local/ Outstation - Starting from Rs.900 (4 hrs/40 km)

Airport Transfer (One-Way) - Starting from Rs.1000 (Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida) and Rs. 1400 ( Bengaluru and Noida).

*These tariffs are exclusive of Toll Tax, Parking, Entry Permits/Fee, and GST.

Plug Mobility is a chauffeur-driven electric car service. It is available in top-notch cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Noida. In the coming years, we plan to expand electric car rental services nationwide. Plug Mobility offers corporate services that include Airport Transfer, Local Commute, Outstation Usage, and SME Travel.

Of course, not.

A basic electric car takes around 11-12 hours to charge. A fully charged car can run up to 400kms. Many are concerned about the limitations of travelling in EVs due to charging infrastructure. We thrive on building an eco-system that offers EVs as a service to customers. Plug Mobility is building multiple charging stations nationwide to provide a seamless travel experience with EVs to our clients.

There are multiple benefits that corporate can generate from Plug Mobility. The top and initial ones are:

• Corporate Sustainability: A step towards Corporate Social Responsibility by practising sustainable business practices through transportation solutions.

• Employees Benefits: By reducing the carbon footprint, you give your employees quality of life and investing in a better and healthier future.

• Technology Support: We are the technology aggregator that offers a platform to corporates to manage scaled operations, customer experience, EV fleet utilisation, etc., on a single platform.

In India, the transport sector (especially road transportation) contributes more than 90% of total Co2 emissions (2018-2020). Research show electric cars are better for the environment and future. Compared to petrol and diesel-run vehicles, EVs emits fewer greenhouse gases, air pollutants and about 17-30% less carbon. You wonder that one electric car on the road can save an average of 1.5 million grams of Co2 in a year.