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The Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones. Check it out!

Our heart is a wanderer. From the voyage of love, to the thrill of an unknown destination, it wanders from one place to another, seeking to beat faster, maybe even skip one, all the time. It is always looking to explore; always looking to fall in love.

Mylescar travel gift card

That is why we have the perfect gift for your loved ones, and for their hearts: Myles Self-Drive. With 38+ models to choose from, and unlimited kilometers to uncover, present your dearest ones with an experience of an epic road trip, a new car everyday, or the ease of driving to work in a week that demands long hours and long distances.
Mylescar travel gift card

Whatever the occasion- Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Christmas, Eid – free the hearts of your friends and family alike, and send them on a journey of a lifetime. Give them the gift of love at first sight, because wherever they will drive to, they will always fall in love.


The Myles Gift card is available in four denominations – Rs 1000, Rs 2500, Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000.

Value Price
Rs 1000 Rs 900
Rs 2500 Rs 2250
Rs 5000 Rs 4500
Rs 10000 Rs 9000




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