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5 Reasons Why Self-Drive Is An Intelligent Choice

How does the idea of  driving your favourite cars without buying them sound?  Smart, isn’t it?  People are doing away with the hassles of owning a car, and choosing an intelligent, economical option. Self-drive has grown phenomenally in the last few years. Here’s are the top 5 reasons why self-drive makes sense.

1. Indians buy 2.5 million cars every year, and use it only 20% of the time. However, they end up paying 100% of the EMIs, maintenance and insurance cost.



2.  Honda City for work, Hyudai Create for a drive to the hills and Mercedez Benz for your date. Drive a car as per your mood and occasion. Myles offers you 38+ car models to choose from. Not kidding.



3. Renting a self-drive car is cheaper than buying one. Here’s a head-to-head comparison to substantiate the claim.



4. Car is a depreciating asset. Does it make sense investing hard earned savings on an asset that won’t reap returns? We think not.



5. Alarming levels of  pollution and dearth of parking space poses a big challenge. One self-drive Myles can eliminate up to 25 private cars. We need self-drive as an urban mobility solution to make our cities smarter and more livable.




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